Hello, I’m Leah George Demetriou, FLS. I am a 23-year-old independent researcher based in London specialising in 19th-century Natural Science, focusing on Richard Owen, his museum work, and how his museological endeavours affected his scientific method. However, I am interested in various topics, such as antiques, medical history, anecdotal history (mostly surrounding Owen and his colleagues), daily 19th-century life and Museums of all kinds. 

I have always had an interest in animals and biology (Much to my parent's dismay when I, at 4, decided to dissect a piglet on the kitchen counter to see how the oesophagus worked!), which transitioned into training in taxidermy. Eventually, I became interested in the development of our understanding of biology and began to steer my sights to the history of  science, natural history museums and Richard Owen, whose complex body of work and personality I find fascinating. 

I use this blog as a catchall for anything I feel like writing about, primarily casual bits and bobs alongside my deeper research.







I can be contacted via email or on my Instagram. 

Email: Leahgeorgedemetriou@gmail.com


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